the experience


‘Where there is great love, there is great joy and it deserves to be celebrated…beautifully.’

– Naomi, owner of At First Blush & Co. Events


A joyous celebration creates a memorable experience that can invoke feelings of nostalgia and reverie. The experience begins the moment the first invitation is received and does not end until the last guest begins their journey back. Back to where they first received word of the incredible celebration they were a part of.

Our approach is simple; we get to know you personally to understand who you are as a couple. We ask insightful questions to learn about your life together, your adventures, your interests, your passions, and how you envision your wedding day. Then from a place of understanding we collaborate with you to create a meaningful wedding day experience with details that authentically reflect who you are.

We are more than poised planners, curators of the lovely, and logistical gurus; we are also honored storytellers of the most important love story…yours.


 At First Blush & Co. is a full-service wedding design and planning company. Available worldwide.