the experience


Where there is great love, there is great joy and it deserves to be celebrated…beautifully. 


A great event tells a memorable story that invokes feelings of nostalgia and reverie. The experience begins the moment the invitation is received and does not end until the very last guest begins their journey back. Back to where they first received word of the incredible celebration they just experienced.

To tell a story, one must be familiar with the small yet significant curated details. Those are the memories that make each love story unique and truly special.

Our approach is simple; we believe in getting to know you personally so we can better understand what is beautiful and sacred to you. Once entrusted with those details our collaboration begins. Then and only then, from a place of understanding can we to tell your love story, with warmth and grace, authentically.

We are more than poised planners, curators of the lovely, and logistical gurus, we are also honored storytellers of the most important story…yours.


 At First Blush & Co. is a full-service wedding design and planning company. Available worldwide.