Simply Lovely :: Fabric Draping for Weddings

Ask any event designer to list the ways in which to transform a space and I guarantee you, one would be fabric draping. It transforms a simple room into something extravagant, the shade under a tree into a ceremony space. It can turn an entrance into a grand one. It can add architectural interest where there was none before. It is the second most dramatic way, after flowers to transform a room.

Cost depends on a few variables. Custom draping of a space can be expensive and additional cost can depend upon the size of the event room, amount of draping, type of material used for draping, height of ceiling, and accessibility. Take a look at how draping has transformed these area into simply lovely spaces.

elegant draping in a rustic wedding setting  elegant barn wedding draping

simple wedding ceremony draping

wedding ceremony entrance with draping

wedding draping & lanterns

wedding reception clear tent  draping

outdoor reception & lounge area draping

beachside wedding reception draping

wedding door draping

outdoor wedding lounge draping

adding fabric columns to event space

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Cover image via Julia Vaughn

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