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Anemones are beautiful and mythical all at once. In Greek mythology it is believed the anemones sprang to life from the tears that Aphrodite shed over the death of Adonis. As humans, when we cry you get a mess, when the goddess of love cries you get Anemones, not just any flowers one of the most popular wedding flowers today. The anemone can be used for any type wedding. If you fancy a more vintage looking wedding bouquet or you prefer a modern monochromatic bouquet the anemone is versatile enough to be a part of either bouquet.

The anemone is in the same plant order as the ranunculus and if you took a look at the buttercup ranunculus you can see the resemblance. This flower, of mythical origins, is also thought to bring good luck and ward off evil. It is said that when an anemone closes its petals, rain will quickly approach. What’s not to love about the anemone; it’s versatile, pretty, and magical. Which makes it the perfect Fancy Flower!

anemone wedding bouquet

anemone wedding centerpiece

anemone wedding  bouquet

anemone wedding bouquet

anemone wedding bouquet

anemone winter wedding arrangement

anemone wedding bouquet

anemone wedding tablescape

anemone wedding cake

lace, ribbon, and anemone wedding bouquet

black wedding cake with anemone

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Availability – May through October
Scent – None, Investment – Moderate
Colors – white, red, blue, violet, purple, and yellow

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