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If you asked me years ago what my favorite flower was I probably would had given you a generic answer like orchids or something that quickly came to mind. I have always loved flowers but didn’t have to know much about them as a corporate event planner. Now, however, as a wedding designer/planner, I definitely have a few favorites  and today, I’m going to share one of my favorite blooms with you! It’s the beautiful Cafe au Lait dahlia. This lush and gorgeous variation of the dahlia blooms in creamy hues of peach, blush, ivory, nude, and dusty-rose which makes it the perfect addition to a summer wedding bouquet or centerpiece. Florist also refer to the Cafe au Lait dahlia as the “dinner plate dahlia” with good reason- they can grow to be 12″ in diameter and on some occasions even up to 14”. What a stunner! See if you agree…

cafe au lait dahlia

Cafe au Lait dahlia

Cafe au Lait Dahlias

Dinner plate sized Cafe au Lait dahlia

Cafe au Lait dahlias

Cafe au Lait dahlia single bloom

Cafe au Lait ceremony decor

cafe au lait dahlia

cafe au lait wedding bouquet

Cafe au Lati dahlias

Cafe au Lait dahlia

Cafe au Lait dahlia via Oak & Owl

cafe au lati dahlia

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Cafe au Lait dahlias bloom during the summer months beginning in June and ending in August. If you are planning a summer wedding and want to add a hint of soft color to your floral decor, consider adding Cafe au Lait dahlias; they will add just enough color without being too bold or distracting from the other beautiful flowers. Because of the size of the “dinner plate” dahlia’s bloom, there’s an added benefit; fewer flowers are needed to create a lush bouquet. The Cafe au Lait dahlia pairs beautifully with other summer flowers allowing for an endless amount of wedding bouquet recipes. There is nothing that a woman loves more than choices!

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