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Hello friends and happy Monday! Ready for an easy peasy Idea of the Week DIY? I thought you would be. If you are a bride and would like to create something special and sweet for your bridesmaids or wedding guests this is a wonderful idea. Who doesn’t like sugar? You can use to bake, sprinkle on fruit or even in your tea. If you are not the DIY type join the club; neither am I. I like DIYs that are easy, fail-safe and not time consuming. This Lilac Sugar DIY meets all my requirements.

Lilac Sugar Scrub

This DIY by Linda Lomelino is such a lovely idea because it allows you to make something by hand for your friends and loved ones instead of going to a store and picking something out. Handmade gifts are much more appreciated and cherished. Even with the best of intentions not all handmade gifts come out well but I’m sure this one will. The recipe is easy and I am sure you will be able to follow it without any problem at all. And the end result is going to be beautiful.

Lilac Flower Sugar Recipe

– Clean, dry lilac flowers (preferably purple when they taste much)
– Sugar
– Airtight jar

Either way, you can rinse the flowers, but then they have to dry completely before you can mix them with the sugar, or you can just lay out the flowers on the paper and remove any dirt and small insects. Shuffle lilac flowers and powdered sugar in a can. Let stand in a cool dry place for a few days, shaking occasionally. Use in baked goods or tea, or why not give away a jar?

Lilac Sugar Scrub

Lilac Sugar Scrub

Lilac Sugar Scrub

Lilac Sugar Scrub

In California lilacs can bloom a early as March but on the east coast it can be as late as mid April depending on when spring ends. Lilacs have an average of a three week period so be sure to get your lilacs this coming spring to make your own lilac scented sugar! You could use any kind of glass container {you make it fancier than a mason jar if you like}. If you use smaller glass containers this would be a great wedding favor. Your wedding guests will have the smell of spring bottled up in a jar! Please be sure to visit my new friend Linda Lomelino’s blog for lots of great recipes. Some of you may know her as Call Me Cupcake! And for my Swedish readers {yup I do have a few readers from Sweden…thank you!} please be sure to purchase her book Lomelinos Tårtor. It is a beauty!

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