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It is often discussed amongst event planners and designers who our favorite artist are in the wedding industry. Interestingly enough, many of my favorites did not get their start in the wedding industry. However, their art has become a large part of the beauty we create as event designers especially for weddings. Since these professionals are, in my opinion, some of the best and because their art resonates with my aesthetics I thought I would share my favorites with you. Starting with Jenny Sanders of Graceline Studio.

I truly believe that details make all the difference. It is not just part of my brand it is also part of my personal beliefs. With one small detail or one small addition (or in many cases one small deduction) the good can be made more wonderful. It is within the small details where luxury lies. It is not in the opulence of overdone. It lies in the simplicity of design. It lies in the deliberate and intentional curve of a letter formed by the nib connected to the pen, held by the calligrapher… the artist.

Graceline is a boutique calligraphy studio owned by Jenny Sanders. Her aesthetic is minimal, simple, and clean. With what seems to have come naturally, Jenny will tell you, took practice and more practice. And it shows. Jenny’s art has been seen on major blogs, websites, and fine art wedding publications. She believes that as creatives we must continue to learn and grow within our chosen creative field. Jenny is not only a calligrapher, she is also an illustrator and often works with one of my favorite paint mediums, watercolor.

When it comes to telling the story of your wedding, paper plays an important part. It is the first correspondence that will give your guests an idea of what to expect as the esteemed guest at the biggest dinner party you will ever though together. The invitation speaks for you. In this day and age where snail mail is not the norm, receiving an invitation to an intimate affair should be as lovely as the reason it was mailed. For the record, every wedding regardless of its size can exude a sense of intimacy. I may be a bit old fashioned in my beliefs however, I rather receive an envelope addressed with my name written in beautiful calligraphy than  a mass email. Lucky for me those who I love working with share the same sentiment. Now for the pretty created by my friend, illustrator and calligrapher Jenny Sanders of Graceline.

A blush and gold wedding invitation with calligraphy.

 Photographer | Maria Lamb


Photographer | Michelle Boyd


Photographer | Brushfire Photography

raceline_Calligraphy_Photograper_ Charity_MaurerPhotographer | Charity  Maurer

A beautiful yet simple calligraphy wedding escort card with hand dyed ribbon.

Photographer | Charity  Maurer

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