Minimalist Wedding Cakes

Happy Friday! I am so happy to see the end of this week! Are you? Today we are going to look at minimalist wedding cakes.Minimalism does not mean stark white, void of adornment, or cold. For me it means a pared down uncluttered aesthetic. Without all the fuss and over the top details that are layered upon each other you are left with clean, simple, and edited beauty. Many believe minimalism is easy…it is not. Minimalism requires a strict attention to detail because there is no “fluff and stuff’ to hide flaws that would otherwise go unnoticed. Simple designs are made a bit more special with impactful details. For example, instead of many sugar paste flowers to adorn a wedding cake one or two large are used. Minimalist wedding cakes can be tall short, naked, patterned, fondant, or buttercream,  and can have color as well.

Minimalism does not necessarily mean modern either. You can be a vintage, boho, rustic, or classic couple and still have a minimalist wedding design. Minimalism is more about what is used and what is edited. Below are seven examples of simple yet elegant minimalist wedding cakes that suit many wedding design styles.

minimalist wedding cake by sweet sensations

Sweet Sensations via Magnolia Rouge

minimalist wedding cake by Bobbette & Belle

Bobbette & Belle

minimalist wedding cake by Bobbette & Belle

Bobbette & Belle

minimalist wedding cake by  Sweet On You

Via The Cake Blog  cake by Sweet on You

minimalist wedding cake by  Maggie Austin

Maggie Austin

Minimalist Wedding Cake by Sugar Ruffles

 Sugar Ruffles

Silk & Willow

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