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Growing up on the East Coast there was always one part of the approaching  autumn weather that I enjoyed and it definitely had nothing to do with starting another academic year. It was knowing that in a few weeks the tree-lined streets of our idyllic neighborhood would be made vibrant with a festival of color as mother nature stars in one of her most spectacular shows. Trees that once boasted shiny leaves in shades of green are aflame with a wonderful spectrum of colors creating a tapestry to enjoy before they are made bare by the blustery cold air of winter. One could not help but notice and be reminded that there is beauty even in the midst of change.

Monday Morning Bloom - Merit & Vine
Via Peter Loves Jane | Photography by Sami Jo Photography

Today’s Monday Morning Blooms reminds me of all the colors of fall. These colors are reminiscent of all those things that we cherish about this season; pumpkin patches, college football games, apple pies made with apples from the local orchard, homemade jams, pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider, and my favorite Thanksgiving Day treat…pumpkin pie!

Enjoy this bouquet by Merit & Vine and the week ahead! My wish for you today is what ever change that may be on the horizon for y ou that at the moment it begins you are given a glimpse into the future so that  you are able to fully embrace it knowing the beauty and happiness that it is sure to bring for many many seasons to come. Follow Merit & Vine on Facebook here.

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