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When working  with a couple to design their wedding  the normal questions are asked. For example, “What colors are your favorites? What do you like to do together? Where have you traveled? What kind of foods do you like? What are your favorite books?” I sometimes visit their home to get an idea of what they surround themselves with everyday. If you’re an event designer, you already know those questions helps us understand our couples better! It also help the indecisive couple figure out what they want in terms of the look and feel of their wedding day. One of the most important question that helps me when collaborating with couples is this question “What kind of mood/ambience do you want your wedding day to have?” It’s a lot different than asking “What does your wedding day look like when you imagine it? “

In a previous mood board “Jezebel”, I was inspired by a song. Songs, books and works of art are some of the many mediums that can inspire the mood of your wedding. It is equally important that the mood/ambience of your wedding and the design details compliment each other to create the ultimate experience for you and your guest to delight in.

mood board lilac dreams at first blush and co

Today’s mood board is entitled “A Lilac Dream”. The mood is dreamlike and ethereal expressed by the hazy composition of some of the images. It is also quite intimate which is a word I love to use to describe the types of events that I prefer creating.

 When thinking about your wedding day or even a dinner party remember to think of the mood/ambience you want to surround your guest in that will help you keep true to the overall experience of the day. Happy planning! xo

 woods | eucalyptus | hand | sea | doorknob | silhouette | feathers

colors –  lilac, grey, amethyst
mood –   sensual,  mysterious, moody

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