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Hi, friends! Today’s inspiration board is not an inspiration board; it is a wedding mood board. A mood board solely created due to my reminiscing about our holiday spent in England. It was a fantastic trip, and I cannot wait to return! We spent a few days in London getting to know the city and the towns around it. Towards the end of our stay, we decided to rent a Land Rover and venture out to explore the countryside at our pace. With map in hand and me riding shotgun on the left side of the vehicle {as a passenger that was scary!} we set out to discover rural England. I am so glad we did! We discovered castles and ruins that reminded me of the places in the fairy tales my mother read to me as a child. We ate with the locals, shopped their stores, and walked around their town with not one care in the world.

I loved exploring London in all its busyness and architectural splendor, but I equally loved England’s countryside with its lush green hills and those meticulously kept gardens the English are so well known for. This mood board reminds me of that lovely country across the pond that I hope to visit again…soon!

Wedding Inspiration Board № 83: Town & Countrywall | London | car | tea | top | bicycle | tea sandwiches
outdoor space | bottle | cocktails

Colors:: Kelly green, chartreuse, linen, British race car green {Yes, that’s an actual color!}
Mood:: Tranquil, relaxed, elegant, and intimate.

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