Southern Comfort & Happy Monday

Happy Monday lovelies! I hope your weekend was wonderful. David and I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon with friends who just returned from a holiday in Turkey. Now all I can think about is another European getaway! I must try and focus as much as I can on my work before I take off for this young lady’s wedding! I’m so excited to finally meet some of the amazing women that I have been friends with for a few years now but never met in person. Crazy, right? I know this wedding is going to be incredibly beautiful because Courtney’s got some star vendors on her team. I cannot wait to share my tweets with you next Saturday…so stay tuned.

I lived in the south for almost ten years and my favorite thing about the south, other than sweet tea and homemade biscuits, are the homes, particularly the front porch of a southern home. The front porch is just as much a part of a southern home as is the kitchen. It is where many first kisses have occurred or interrupted by fathers or nosy younger siblings. It is where neighbors shared the latest  gossip about the newest town scandal and I’m pretty sure it is where many marriage proposals where accepted. It is were “mamas” watch their sons leave as boys and come back as men and it is where “grandma and grandpa” sit in their rocking chairs reminiscing of days gone by.  In the south the kitchen may be the heart of the home but the porch is the place to feed the soul.

Here is how I remember the “modern” yet old school sophisticated south…

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