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Happy Monday lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Grab a cup of coffee, take a five minute work break because I have something to share. Have you ever had an idea that was so epic in theory that you just had to make it happen? You try your best to bring it to ‘fruition” but for whatever reason it never materializes? You know that saying “sometimes things fall apart so that better can come together’? Truer words were never spoken…

At First Blush and Co. - photoshoot inspiration board

girl | dress | tub | place setting | letters | field | chandelier| table | trays 

The concept board {different from an inspiration board} above was created months ago for a photo-shoot idea. Concept boards are created for my clients and for photo-shoots. It may have the colors that are going to be used but more so it is created to reflect and capture the intended mood of  a wedding or photo-shoot. Everything was lining up nicely for the shoot. We had the OK from the city that we wanted the shoot to take place. I confirmed all the vendors and suppliers needed to execute the vision and then all of a sudden things began to fall apart. In the end it could not be done. I will not bore you with the details but I was truly disappointed. Then I remembered this quote…

Marilyn Monroe Quote

I instantly let go of the hurt I felt of my vision not coming to fruition and quickly moved onto thinking of another design. I didn’t have time to lament over the falling apart of the original shoot. I had to find new and additional resources, new suppliers, and have it all done in less than two weeks. Guess what?  It went smoother than the months of planning the original shoot took, and it was better than I could have imagined. I realized that what fell apart, had to, to make room for something better.

So what’s the point of this post? Sometimes we become so attached to ideas, objects, and yes, even to people that when things do not work out the way we planned we find it hard to let go. In our minds it was the perfect situation, relationship, and in my case the perfect photo-shoot. I bet if you think back on the things that have fallen apart in your past and then think what it led you to, you’ll understand Marilyn’s quote perfectly.

Challenge yourself to let the falling apart of things happen. It is OK to be disappointed and hurt but eventually you will have to let it go. Think of it this way; when you are driving a car you have to occasionally look in your rear view mirror to make sure that no one crazy is driving behind you. However, you can’t keep your eyes constantly focused on your rear view mirror. The same holds true for your life. If you are attached to the past and what could have been you’ll never see what’s ahead. It’s OK to look back every now and then to learn from past mistakes …that’s why they are called lessons. When you decide to open the doors to your past do it to review the lessons learned so you don’t repeat them…  then slam the door shut and leave! Allow things to fall apart and detach yourself from the outcome you wanted but did not happen. Once you let go the universe has something bigger, brighter, and more amazing in store for you than whatever it is that fell apart. Trust me friends, this I know.

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