Wedding Inspiration Board № 75 :: No Regrets

Happy Monday! I thought I’d start this week off with a wedding inspiration board. I hate saying that I love an inspiration board that I have created because it just seems boastful; however this time I will because I do! Aside from loving the colors and the touches of glam, I love the words in the framed print. The French sentence translates loosely to “No, I don’t regret anything” or “I have no regrets “which is also the title of a popular French song. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien was sung by Edith Piaf and was written during a time when France was engaged in military conflict.

I love the message the print conveys because although I know we’ve all made mistakes and wish we had “known better” regarding those not so favorable moments or mistakes in our lives, they have lead us all exactly to where we are supposed to be right now. I truly don’t regret a thing…mistakes, lessons, and all because if it weren’t for them I would not be able to fully appreciate all the good that they have led me to. So no, I don’t regret anything! Have a wonderful week friends and remember to stay “Inside the Lovely!”

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There’s more…if you love the print  in the inspiration board, I’ve tracked down the source on Etsy. The store’s name is Sarah and Bendrix. They have lots of beautiful prints for the home and I’m treating my home to one! The store is filled with  letterpress cards, prints with positive messages, and other lovely paper pretties that you’ll love. 

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