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It’s the first day of the New Year which means we have 364 days to create the life we want to live. Today you get a fresh new page, a new leaf in the diary of your life.  Perhaps you are starting a new chapter. That is what this wedding inspiration board is all about. I guess you can call it a mood board instead. Take the opportunity today to not worry about what you have not achieved, rather focus on where you want to go literally and figuratively. I don’t believe that nothing is impossible {ever tried dribbling a football?} however I do believe that almost all things are possible. Find your happy because the goal in life should be not how many things you have or how many people “like” you. It should be to find your purpose; find your purpose and everything else falls perfectly into place. If you can think it, you do have the capacity to create it. A thought is just a seed planted; it is up to you with your words, visualization, and action to make it grow. Remember this; you can have thousands of goals but a goal is just a wish without a plan. Happy New Year friends!

A New Day - Inspiration board by At First Blush & Co.

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