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Happy Monday darling lovelies! I am starting today off with a wedding inspiration board that created its own story as I was gathering the images. I imagine a couple, perhaps high school and college sweethearts, who left their small country town, separately of course, to make it in a big city. The letters arrived less frequently, the calls began to dwindle, and life happened. However whenever life allowed a moment of peace…peace came with a bittersweet memory of the other. As chance may have it, they bumped into each other whilst on an overseas business trip and the rest is history. Within a year they were engaged and planning a wedding in the town where it all started. The wedding was an al-fresco “Town & Country” styled celebration. All of the details were thoughtfully chosen to appeal to the senses of the loved ones at home and the new city friends attending. They wanted a wedding that would celebrate where they came from and where they are headed.

wedding inspiration board teal, jade, brown, pink

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Various shades of jade, tobacco, white, and the palest of pinks were chosen to create a palette that would complement the outdoor setting and appeal to the bride’s love of understated glamour. The bride opted for a bouquet created with various succulents that can be replanted after the wedding. The white floral centerpieces were placed atop long rectangle tables that were draped with white linen, and given a bit of glam with gold runners. The ceremony canopy was gorgeously draped with luxurious silk fabric and each corner was adorned with white, pale peach and pink flowers. For after dinner dancing, the chairs in the town’s activity center/town hall were cleared away and a chandelier was hung to create the perfect space to dance the night away.

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