Wedding Trends 2013 :: Doughnuts!

Wedding Trends 2013 continues and what better trend to highlight on a Friday than food? I cannot think of one; can you? For the past five years the cupcake has been the shining star alternative to the massive wedding cake. Cute, petite, and tasty…it was and still is perfect for many couples. However, there has been a trend that started about two years ago that is in full trend mode…and as a Dunkin Donuts loving New Yorker, I say it is about time! As versatile, and as cute as a cupcake, doughnuts are hearty and can be made in almost any flavor just like a cupcake. Still not convinced? Maybe this might help…sometimes doughnuts can be more economical than a cupcake. I think we all should give the cupcake a round of applause and a nice break because it is time to pass the baton to the doughnut!

Wedding Trend 2013 - Wedding Donuts

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There are so many different ways to display and enjoy doughnuts. I adore placing them on a rack and having them served by waitstaff for a fun whimsical wedding. Why not have a doughnut cart or truck ready to serve your guests hot mini doughnuts sprinkled with powdered sugar as they bid you farewell at the end of the night? The possibilities are endless and of course dough-licious!

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