Dulce de Leche Banana Bars


The lure and taste of a Caramel à la Fleur de Sel macaron from Ladurée will never top any dessert I have ever tasted…so far. A gentle bite of this macaron’s crispy shell exposes its creamy salted butter caramel center. Even my description does it no justice…it is absolutely delicious.

However, I am not in Paris…at the moment… and although my beautiful coastal city has many a wonderful baker…a good macaron, has been hard to find.  That fact does not disappoint me at all. I mean, honestly, would you get upset eating a mediocre New York Style Pizza in Germany? Of course not. It’s to be expected. In the meantime, I will continue to relish the excitement of finding a sinfully delicious dessert stateside. As sweet luck might have it, I recently found another… dessert connoisseurs meet banana dulce de leche bars by Baker’s Royale.

I have come to realize that any dessert with dulce de leche as an ingredient can evoke a feeling similar to the first bite of a caramel à la fleur de sel macaron, minus the delicate crunch. Easily made, dulce de leche is the caramel that results from heating sweetened and condensed milk over the stove until the water in the milk evaporates.

I cannot wait to try this dessert. I am sure that the combination of dulce de leche, bananas, and marshmallows will be decadently intoxicating… and that, my friends, is a lovely thing! For this recipe and many more, please visit Baker’s Royale.

Baker’s Royale | This is Glamorous

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