It’s A Lovely Wrap & An Easy Summer Salad

Wow what a week it has been! Fourth of July in the middle of the week just through me off a bit. I’ll take a day off  whenever I can. I was happy to have a little time to just relax with our little family of three. Although I must admit, I looked ahead to see when the next few Independence Day holidays will fall on the calendar…for future vacation planning purposes, of course! Long weekends are the best!

I recently found out that my aversion to tomatoes has waned. I think it was the middle of  the tomato that truly disgusted me as a child but I’m over it because my favorite salad {now} is the caprese salad. Fresh buffalo mozzarella, hearty tomatoes, garden fresh basil, Italian olive oil, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar is the perfect summer salad. However, this ricotta and tomato salad looks just as yummy and a bit lighter. I cannot wait to try this one over the weekend. Simple enough and no recipe needed. I think it would be a perfect salad for a wedding reception, too!

ricotta cheese and tomato salad

Windows Catering

Last week I shared what I learned during the course of the week  BUT  this week I’m adding what I observed from watching others. I truly believe that we can learn from the mistakes of others just much as we learn from our own. Here are this week’s lessons and observations:

  • If you have a task to do that you aren’t particularly fond of doing it, do it first. You’ll feel a better sense of accomplishment then doing it last. Speaking from experience here!
  • It’s OK to walk away and just take time to “charge up”. It always makes me feel better if I leave my office, shut the door, and do something non-wedding related. Your subconscious is still working but you don’t have to. Take a break!
  • We all draw our creativity from the same pool so it is possible that your great idea was also thought of by someone else. It’s OK; we are all here to bring a little “lovely” to the world.
  • Babies should be able to choose their parents. I’m tired of hearing about bad parents.
  • A smile can turn “No” into “OK I’ll see what I can do” which usually means “I’ll help you.”
  • It’s OK to ask for help.
  • Wall to wall carpet in a bathroom really bothers me…to no end.
  • Tomorrow is never promised but this very moment is yours. Make it count!
  • Karma has a return address do unto others…you know the saying.
  • Always pay a good deed forward. Maybe pay the toll for the car behind you, or leave a coupon in someone’s cart at the market.


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