Life is A Bowl of {Amaretto Soaked} Cherries

A few weeks ago my mom and I were shopping for groceries when we spotted our  first bag of summer cherries. Like a kid in a candy store we rushed to where they were to get a better look. I was a bit leery because cherries can be hit or miss. If you get them too early they are sour and if you get them too late…they aren’t as sweet. Well we got luck! This was the sweetest bag of cherries we’ve ever had! The bag lasted barely two days! Since then, I’ve gone back to the same market and the sweet cherries were gone only to be replaced by less than comparable replacements.

The cherries were soooo good that I started to think, if I come across a bag of cherries like that again what could I make? Pie? Cobbler? Or just savor them as they are meant to be eaten…naked off the vine. Then I came across this gorgeous recipe for Amaretto Soaked White Chocolate Cherries. I love the almond taste of Amaretto which allows it to pair well with fruit and in cakes. I do not like many liqueurs but Amaretto mixed with pineapple juice is a little heaven over ice for me. A bit on the sweet side {depending on what you consider sweet} but oh so delicious!

Now back to sweet cherries…and this brilliant idea! They’ll be a hit at your next fete! For a “rustic” or “country” look, display the cherries in adorable farmer’s market baskets like these from Anthropologie. Planning a wedding? Ask your catering manager if the waitstaff can serve the cherries on beautiful platters during the cocktail hour. Or put the cherries in miniature bags like this so your guests can grab one on the way out for a light night snack. Gorgeous and easy! Soak them in Amaretto in mason jars, dip in white chocolate, and you are done! Find the recipe on Formal Fringe.

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