Affogato al Caffè :: A Delicious Wedding Send Off

At the end of a wedding reception often times the newlyweds will want a special send off for their guests. I encourage the gesture because I think it is a lovely way to say thank you to guests for sharing a most incredible night with you. For my clients, I always try to come up with a fun idea that involves something delicious because at the end of dancing the night away, everyone is famished and is in need of something to give them just enough energy to make it home. An espresso bar is a good choice but… why not “wow” your guests with an affogato bar? The word affogato means drowned in Italian and that is the best way to describe this decadent dessert. A scoop of vanilla, caramel, or chocolate gelato is “drowned” in a glass by pouring steaming hot espresso over it. The affogato can then be garnished with a variety of toppings or splash of a flavored liqueur for the perfect adult sundae.

Piccolo Affogato al Caffe via Martha Stewart

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Doesn’t an affogato bar sound wonderful? The barista can serve a scoop of gelato in shot glasses {or any another type of glass just make sure that it is shatterproof}. Have steaming hot espresso shots and bottles of different liqueur ready for guests to pour over the gelato {the pouring is part of the experience!}. Ask your wedding planner or event designer to design a table with the different liqueurs and toppings like chopped nuts, caramel sauce, coffee beans, and biscotti so your guests can personalize their affogato. Not only is it a yummy send off, it a fun one too! Buon appetito!

 P.S. If you don’t have gelato on hand, you can use ice cream instead.

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