H & M FINALLY Online…

Wow H & M you did it! H & M is finally online in the USA. They have been online in many different countries for sometime now but they are finally here and this card carrying member of the H & M cult is happy We have quite a few H & M’s here in SoCal but I do not think any of them have a home section…or maybe I am wrong. Regardless I went online today and this is what happened…

H & M Home

Love at first sight. Our home color palette is exactly what you see above. I could not wait to see what the pillow covers were like and boom perfection. Now with that being said I’m not expecting the very best in quality but then again I’ll pay hundreds for something worth it, but not throw pillows because I change them out too often.

H & M has been teasing it’s US market with going online several times and pulled the plug but this time they kept their word. The online home department had such amazing pillows {and a few other things} that I just had to have. Definitely do yourself a solid and check it out. Decor is just like fashion mix the high and the low pieces to complete the look. With these prices, how could you not? Happy shopping lovelies! xo

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