Guess Who Is Back?

Hello, friends! Guess who is back? ME!  Talk about taking a break right? It has been so long that I do not even know where to start. Oh wait, yes I do. My brand new website! So whaddya think? Not too shabby, right? I am so smitten with the new site because it does not just fit At First Blush & Co. Events, it also represents the values and vision that I have personally and business wise. I believe that less is more and let the beauty of your work speak for you.

Now for a little bit more of why the hiatus…

Two thousand fourteen started off amazingly. It was full of first-time adventures and opportunities. As the year began to come to a close, I prayed that two thousand fifteen would ring in with the same sense of excitement. However, even before the year ended, everything in my life began to come undone. Life, as I had come to know it for the last nine years, would change. Some things are too painful for words, and better left unsaid and in the past. I am sure you understand.

In April, I swapped the ocean for the mountains and now live in Nashville, Tennessee, and I am doing just fine! The South is no stranger to me, and the southern hospitality and all the sweet tea a girl can drink are just what the doctor ordered {and a Chik-Fil-A on every corner}!

At First Blush & Co. Events by Naomi Vivian

Starting over is not easy we all know that. Not because we cannot, it is because no matter the situation we are creatures of habit. Whether that habit is good or not. However, I have learned that happiness should never be sacrificed because of complacency. Even when it means making some hard decisions. I am no stranger to that. Let’s just say you never know how strong you are until you have to let go of everything that once gave you strength. For all things, there is a season. I went through a painful season of letting go and moving on. However, as the eternal optimist, I am ever so grateful for what was and incredibly hopeful for what will be. I have learned that love does not die; sometimes is just changes. I have no regrets.

I am looking forward to what this new season in my life will bring personally and business wise. It is exciting at times and other times frightening. However, I am embracing this journey with arms wide open. Because of the changes in my life I realized that believing in oneself is one of the bravest things we can do. It empowers us and gives us the confidence to do great things. Things we did not know we were capable of.

I do not know God’s plans, for my life, and that’s OK. He has never once let me down. I am happy, healthy, excited, and grateful. No matter the reason, is that not an excellent foundation for a new beginning? Definitely!

So there you have it, friends. I am so happy you visited. After checking out my new online digs, please leave a message to say you stopped by. I missed you all so much and glad to have you here!

One more very important item rather a person… Ann thank you for your patience, your warmth, and understanding. You are a true creative, and I am so happy that you took me as your client. I am forever grateful. Friends be sure to check out Grit & Wit. Tell Ann, I sent you! xo

Love & Light, Naomi


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