Cortana Wedding Dress Collection 2017

In fashion, beauty and comfort do not always go hand in hand. As women, how many times have we sacrificed comfort for beauty? I am guilty but I am also a believer in comfort. When At First Blush & Co. brides ask my advice on wedding dresses I want them to look their very best but I also want them to be comfortable. Especially on their wedding day. My first suggestion to them is to think of how many hours they are going to be in their dress. Unless you change into another dress prior to the dinner and reception, it can be up to eight hours or more! Starting with the first look, then pre- ceremony pictures, more pictures after the ceremony, then dinner and dancing. That makes for a lot of hours wearing something beautiful yet uncomfortable . So comfort should definitely be a factor when choosing your wedding dress, not just beauty. There are countless wedding dress designers that have perfected the art of creating beautiful bridal attire. However, few  have been able to do so without sacrificing comfort as beautifully as the fashion house of Cortana in Spain.

Cortana’s 2017 wedding dress collection is simply gorgeous with not one constricting bodice in the entire collection. Layers of silk, satin, and tulle envelopes the female silhouette to create a diaphanous collection of dresses that embodies femininity and ease. Versatile dresses, with necklines that can be worn in various ways, gives you options on how to wear your dress. With such flexibility you can have a different look for your appearance at the reception. The look and feel of this collection is gracefully exquisite. With all the beautiful flowing fabric and gorgeously appointed  dresses it will be difficult to choose a favorite. Which of the dresses in this collection do you like? Are you choosing beauty over comfort on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments below.

Cortana Spain Wedding Dress Collection

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