Finishing Touch :: The Padlock Trend

Kristen Stewart Elle Sept 2014 with Chanel Padlock Michael Kors Padlock Earrings

Michael Kors




Tom Ford Padlock Shoe

 Tom Ford 

  Chanel Padlock


Anything Chanel presents on the runways during any fashion week becomes coveted by fashion enthusiasts everywhere causing other designers to interpret it for their faithful followers. When that happens you officially have what you can call trend. Enter the padlock trend. Sometimes things seen on the runway seem to be a bit over the top but before it hits the streets it gets interpreted by several designers to suit their signature style.  The padlock has been seen on celebrities and models everywhere. It is feminine but edgy all at once which is why I think it is quite popular. Masculine but made feminine….especially when encrusted with crystals, diamonds or a colorful tweed fabric. From large padlocks to smaller more manageable sizes there are many styles that the lovers of this trend can choose form…and not just from jewelry. Look for padlocks on handbags, earrings, and shoes. Unlock your edgy side feminine side with this finishing touch

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