Jimmy Choo 2016 Bridal Shoes

I am a shoe lover and I unabashedly can admit that I own more shoes than I can possibly where. I am pretty sure that my love of shoes is from my mother. She had a shoe for every purse and a purse for every shoe. One of my favorite shoe designers, Jimmy Choo, has created a bridal collection of the most beautiful shoes for the bride to be. With the many different styles of shoes, there is a style for every bride. Even though I am not a bride, I am tempted to splurge myself! Which pair is your favorite?

Jimmy Choo bridal shoes with bride in blush wedding dress. Jimmy Choos 2016 bridal collection.

Sole of Jimmy Choos shoes with wedding date plaque. Jimmy Choo bridal shoes with pink tulle dress on bride. Jimmy Choos bridal Anouk shoes.

Jimmy Choos metallic bridal shoes lined up in a row.Jimmy Choos tassel shoes with blush wedding gown. Jimmy Choos 2016 bridal shoes multi-colored pearls shoe.


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