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Rodarte Star Pins

It’s finally autumn; time to try out the trends we saw grace the runways at a time when autumn was the furthest season from our minds. Earlier this year on the Rodarte runway the stars were out in numbers…not only in the front row but as part of the show in the hair of the models.

rodarte hair accessory

We’ve seen the Rodarte star pins on numerous fashion websites back in February and like many I immediately thought they were heavenly. Contemplating a major haircut {I’m thinking a swingy bob, perhaps?} the star pins immediately came to mind. Fun accessories for a new look. Unfortunately, the pins are out of stock. But I found a wonderful alternative…

Giant Dwarf // Twinkle Sparkler Pair // Gold

I came across these pretty “Twinkle Sparklers” in the Star Struck Collection of the online boutique Giant Dwarf. The pins come in two sizes, medium and large, and can be worn alone or placed in a mass grouping to recreate the Rodarte look. Aren’t they just darling? If you are fond of heavenly bodies there are other “star” accessories in the Star Struck collection that are just as brilliant…pun intended.

image credits: Rodarte & Giant Dwarf

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