How to Create a Memorable Wedding

Planning a wedding, as many engaged couples soon find out, involves more than ticking off items on a checklist. There are other details, not found on a traditional wedding checklist, that go into creating an unforgettable experience. This brief blog series will give you some insight on how to create your own authentic and memorable wedding with a few simple steps.

We all, at least once in our lives, attended a celebration that was so incredible it still stands out in our minds. When we think about the event, we can easily recall the unforgettable elements that added to the overall experience. I bet you can remember the delicious food served, the beautiful decor that accented the space perfectly, the attentiveness of the waitstaff, and the engaging entertainment. It is the goal of every host to create a memorable celebration. Wedding designers are no different. It is our job to make sure that every guest leaves your wedding celebration with an indelible impression of the day. In today’s post, I will share some tips I give my clients on how to create a memorable wedding.

The Conversation

So how do you go about creating a memorable wedding? It starts with a conversation for two about the wedding day. How do each of you envision it? What does the day feel like? Is it formal or laid back? How does it look? What elements of the day are most important to you and to your partner (they may not be the same)? What shared memories stand out in your mind? Do those memories involve food, music, or an event that holds special meaning? Think about the places you have traveled to, the adventures along the way, and the unforgettable moments you experienced together. Many of these moments may be private but others may inspire wonderful details that can be incorporated into the design of your wedding. A good wedding designer will ask you questions that are a bit more insightful than, ‘What are your favorite colors? What are your likes and dislikes?’ She may ask you more in depth questions about your lives together and your shared passions. Knowing these details helps the designer understand who you are and helps to create a more intimate wedding that reflects both of you…authentically. 

First Impressions

As a wedding designer I believe the guest experience should start before the wedding day; it should start months earlier with the arrival of the wedding invitation. The invitation sets the tone of your day and hints to the recipient of what to expect. I like to refer to it as the first page of your wedding day story. A well thought out invitation design should subtly excite the recipient with anticipation. The image below is an invitation suite designed by Jenny Sanders of Graceline. It the perfect example of how an invitation can begin to tell your wedding day story. 

How to Create a Memorable Wedding - Old world invitations by Jenny Sanders of Graceline

Setting the Tone

For this invitation suite, created for a wedding editorial, the creative team envisioned a couple that was in love with the history of romance. With that in mind they were able to elaborate on the artistic direction for the shoot. Thoughts of tall tapered candles dripping with wax, perfectly draped fabric, and beautiful floral arrangements began to unfold and Old World Romance became the design inspiration. From there the team of creatives were able to elaborate and focus on details that would reflect and convey their inspiration throughout the shoot. Jenny gave the paper a wash of watercolor in a taupey-blush to give it an aged look. For the art work she added delicate floral illustrations in gold ink and used the same ink color for the sweeping calligraphy. The gold wax seal further added authenticuty to the suite. All of the elements of this invitation suite conveys the romantic Old World inspiration perfectly. 

How to Have a Memorable Wedding - Old world invitations by Jenny Sanders of Graceline

The Memorable Wedding

Creating an authentic experience for your guests should not be an afterthought; it should be an important part of your planning. Yes, it is your wedding day but it is not all about you unless you are eloping. Keep in mind that you are inviting the most important people in your life to celebrate the most important day in your life. Infusing your personality and well thought out details in the design of your wedding will not go unnoticed by your guests; it will truly make your day unforgettable.Next week, in part 2 of this series, I will share more tips on creating your own memorable wedding day. See you then! 

Photography and Styling by Ivory + Bliss

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