You Do Not Need A Wedding Planner If…

It is safe to say that every wedding planner has been asked either indirectly or directly why are our services are necessary. We could also tell you how many calls we have received from couples deep in the throes of planning their wedding who are overwhelmed and tired of all the work that needs to take place before the actual day. My favorite question when talking to a reluctant couple is “Do I really need a wedding planner? Can’t we just do it on our own?” I guarantee in three to four months whether they have one or not,  they see why. Now do not get me wrong I am not saying you could not plan your wedding and make it incredible. You are probably can plan the entire wedding from A to Z and do a pretty impressive job IF… {This post does not cover all the “ifs’ however it does address the bigger ones that you should consider}}

You have 200 + hours of your time to dedicate to planning your wedding

I know what some of you are maybe thinking, “Really? Two hundred hours?” Yes, it does take a professional wedding planner that much time to design, plan, and coordinate a wedding. And if it is a destination wedding you can add a few more hours to that. If you work a full-time job {which this is my full-time job} on your off days, and weekend you will be spending most of that time meeting vendors, conducting multiple site visits to find the perfect venue, booking vendors, and negotiating contracts. Not to mention the emails, follow up emails, the follow-up emails to follow up on the follow-up email you sent that they never responded to. That leaves little time for you to enjoy being engaged. Wedding planning can steal your joy and focus if it is all that you are fixated on the months prior to the actual day. A wedding planner helps you keep sane while planning the big day. She knows who to recommend as vendors based on her knowledge of your vision which saves you time and gas money driving around looking for that perfect venue. She is your liaison and advocate. She is versed in timelines, floor-plans, managing vendors, and coordinating the necessary minute logistical details that would otherwise get overlooked by a non-professional {e.g. delivery times, transportation}.

You have established contacts in the wedding industry and are a master negotiator.

Choosing the best vendors for your wedding day is paramount to ensuring your day is just as planned. A wedding planner, based on your budget, personal aesthetic, and preferences can recommend vendors that not only fit your particular needs but also are proven professionals. Wedding planners know the best man or woman for the job and most will suggest at least three for you to choose from saving you time and money. Planners can negotiate the best rates for their clients. Vendors are more likely to give price breaks or discounts to planners than couples who walk in off the street. Why? If they make their pricing competitive and provide an outstanding service, a wedding planner will most likely use them for other events. That equates to more money in their pocket in the long run. It may seem a bit counterintuitive to couples on a budget, however, wedding planners are privy to professional discounts that you may not necessarily be aware of or offered.

Your day of assigned point person is a ninja problem solver and can make decisions with confidence…on the fly.

Even when you have confirmed and re-confirmed sometimes, things can go wrong. In those rare cases, you want to make sure that the there is someone who is capable and experienced with handling those issues with your best interest in mind. Your wedding planner will not only know what to do right away but can also provide solutions, and can make things right again…without second guessing or asking you for direction. That is invaluable. Wedding planners have at least two backup plans and know exactly to the letter the agreements that are in place as per your contracts and what the deliverables are supposed to be. She is not only your advocate, she is also your wingman. She has been with you from day one. If anyone knows what you would want or how to make it happen, it would be her.

Your venue coordinator is also your wedding planner.

A venue coordinator is not a wedding planner. The difference? One looks out for the better interest of the venue, and the other looks out for yours. The day of your wedding the venue coordinator is on site to make sure that the details of your contract {e.g. number of tables, bar set up, F & B, tear down} goes as planned. Often she is your point of contact at the venue but will not necessarily be there the day of your wedding. Unlike a wedding planner once the meal is served or after the cutting of the cake, the venue coordinator will take their leave. Keep in mind if your ceremony is off property your venue coordinator will not be there to oversee it. A wedding planner is there for all the events of your day and stays until the end. Check out this post on Every Last Detail for more on the differences between a wedding planner and venue coordinator.

You can be in two places at once and are a logistical guru. 

On your wedding day, you cannot oversee the set up of your ceremony, reception, and get your hair and makeup done in that time frame. It is impossible. A wedding planner comes prepared with a staff of assistants. I work with at least three assistants for the setup and one that is exclusively assigned to the bride. This is not the day for you to worry about any of the details. When you hire a wedding planner, you are free to enjoy being pampered and cared for so that you are your most beautiful peaceful self for your “I do’s”. Peace of mind is the best beauty balm.

My thoughts

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life as a couple. The experience of your wedding day should be stress-free and calm. The last thing  any bride or groom needs to do is worry about details and logistics the day of. Many think that hiring a wedding planner is a luxury. I don’t see it as a luxury I see it as an investment. I have heard many say, after their wedding day, they wished they hired a professional to help them out. I never heard a couple say they regretted having one. When you hire a professional wedding planner your day will receive the attention it so deserves. Allowing you and your guest time to enjoy and relish the celebration of your marriage.


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