Autumn Wedding Inspiration

Every autumn, I round up a few ideas that I keep in my “Autumn Wedding Inspiration” folder on my computer. Autumn is the perfect time to have a wedding. To me it’s the coziest season of the year with all it’s warm colors, and cool nights that causes couples to walk closer together hand in hand. Winter forces us to cuddle, autumn makes us want to. Autumn is never too hot {even during a spell of “Indian Summer”} yet cool enough for comfort food, lovely throws to keep you guests warm, and of course my favorite, apple cider glazed donuts. Take a look at these wonderful ideas to inspire your wedding day décor or the décor of your upcoming Thanksgiving feast!

 Wedding Tablescape Inspired by Tuscany


Don’t you just love the idea of the personalized burlap napkins? It is actually a simple DIY! Serving appetizers on a rustic wooden board is perfect for a autumn cocktail party or wedding. We all know that autumn is not autumn without hot or cold apple cider.Write the names of your guests on a white porcelain mugs, then attach the table number to the cinnamon stick. The mug acts as a favor and the cinnamon tells your guests where to sit. Crazy for apple cider? Try this recipe for apple cider glazed donuts.

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