Lovely Living № 10 :: A New York City Triplex

There are many beautiful homes floating around the various decor and lifestyle blogs around the web {in an upcoming post I plan to share my favorite blogs on different topics including my second love…interior decor}. When looking for a home it can be a challenge finding that one home that has almost everything you are looking for and the same is true when I searching for a home to share with you on Inside the Lovely. It is easy to omit the rooms you  do not care for as much. I have never found a home that I have loved every single room although some have come pretty close. My taste is quite eclectic but one thing remains…I prefer the simple. clean and uncluttered. The home does not have to be modern, nor does it have to be vintage, it does not have to be in the city, it may very well be in the country….but it must be simply decorated, not void of character, and it must have elements of comfort.

This home by interior designer Sara Story is almost what I would consider a perfect home away from home in the city. One might have a home much like this one to stay over in the city or perhaps holiday there over long holiday weekends. It is perfectly appointed with the right amount of decor to allow all of the elements come together to create an amazing home in the city. Aside from the furniture and carefully chosen lighting fixtures, the natural light gives this monochrome a beautiful wash of light. My favorite elements of this classic New York City triplex are the stairs and the windows. Simple yet luxurious. Perfect.

Modern Manhattan Triplex  - Living Room

Modern Manhattan Triplex  - Living Room

Manhattan Triplex - Seating

Manhattan Triplex - Kitchen

Manhattan Triplex - Office Area

Manhattan Triplex - Living Area

Manhattan Triplex - Bedroom

Manhattan Triplex - Sitting Area 2

Story via Design Addicts. Images Courtesy of Sara Story.

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