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Happy Friday, lovely ones! I’m so happy! Mr. G and I will be in the same state, at home this weekend! Oh, the life of a part time wife {with full time benefits}! I am looking forward to being somewhere outside with Mr. G and Jake!

For today’s post, I thought I’d get a little personal. I’ve been called an enigma because I talk quite a bit but not much about my really private life. The following might be a bit boring but it is good stuff.

At the end of every night I go over the things that have happened during the day. Not to obsess over them but to take the lessons that I may be able to learn from them. There are times when I’m proud of myself and there were times when I am not. As I mature, I am happier with my reactions to things….but like all of us, I am still a work in progress. I learn and grow every day and for that I am grateful.

I decided to share the lessons I’ve learned this week. Who knows I might do this every week…or not {smile}. I would love you to share any lessons you’ve learned this week. I might learn a thing or two from you. Here are mine:

  • Speak up for yourself because if you don’t no one will know how you feel.
  • Wishes {big or small} do come true!
  • It’s OK to say no.
  • DO NOT eat peanut butter right after brushing your teeth…it is the most awful taste ever!
  • You could be friends with someone you never met and love them just the same.
  • Hairspray and Tennessee in the summer should not be in the same sentence.
  • Starting over is OK the followers will come and so will the brides.
  • A girl can have more than one best friend for different areas in her life.
  • Cherish life because it really is short…especially when you are enjoying the hell out of it!


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I hope all of you have the most fantastic weekend! Before you go, I’d like to share some lovely links with you from around the web!

  • You must see this gorgeous South African vintage protea wedding. The details are lovely!
  • I am always complaining how dark it is everywhere and now I want these for my office.
  • The light in these images of this e-session is beyond amazing.
  • Lovely British brides you could win a £300 voucher towards your wedding cake or dessert table.
  • Spotted this on Snippet and Ink and I had to re-blog it here. I read this quote a million times.
  • Someone needs to make these adult treats for their next summer soirée and invite me!


And just in case you stepped outside lovely here’s your chance to get back in…

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