Begin Again {and don’t you dare give up}!

Oh my! What a fantastic week for At First Blush & Co! To me, the year is already going by too fast. I love the energy and the “go get ’em!” attitude that a new year brings! So full of promise and possibilities… and it doesn’t have to end.  No sir! If we keep this energy going all year long just imagine the things we can accomplish! I promise if you do, I will, too. Let’s begin again…together!

There have been so many positive posts blogged this week to help us start the New Year off  in  right direction. My super talented friend, Amber Housely,  put a post together of her favorite business finds – Favorite finds for starting the year with focus + momentum. It is wonderful! I clicked on every link and trust me, she gathered the best of the best to get you fired up about the year ahead. Go pay her a visit and tell her I said hello!

A  few years ago I decided I would pick one word that would guide me and have the most meaning for me  in the year ahead. In 2012 my word was mindfulness and this year I chose the word action. A little word that can have a huge meaning and impact in every aspect of our day to day lives. For me action means getting it done even if I am afraid, or not sure of the outcome. Trusting that my steps are guided by God and not by my limited understanding  of any situation or challenge. It means getting off my butt and creating the world I’ve dreamed about for me and my little family. It means going to bed every night knowing that I did all I could do to align myself with my goals and my dreams. It means helping others be the best they can be through my own selfless deeds. It means not watching my life go by without cherishing the gift we have all been given…time.

She Reads Truth

I also started an online devotional with She Reads Truth to get back on track with my purpose and my beliefs. I’ve never been a constant churchgoer {so against my Catholic upbringing} but I do believe in a higher power and that higher power for me is God. I would never impose my beliefs on you or anyone else. I do want you to know that, I am happier and  my self-imposed burdens are lighter  knowing that I never had to search for happiness, love, or guidance because it was there for me all along. My spiritual eyes are open once again…and this time for good.

A fresh new planner with new pages always gets me excited. I purchased Whitney English’s Day Designer. SHUT UP! I KNOW! I did my research {a lot of it!} and talked to many friends who have ordered different types of planners {I think Staples is so tired of seeing my stalk the Franklin Covey & Martha Stewart aisles} and Whitney’s was the best choice for me. I still have my Martha Stewart Planner for my blog and other things, but I’m totally excited to receive The Day Designer! I’m a pen and paper girl and nothing feels better than seeing my thoughts come to life on paper. Especially plans and goals. Write them down and make them happen!

Not done yet friends. I have to admit I’m a lurker {read Lara’s blog post here to see what I mean}. The moment I saw that Lara had a series on Goal Setting I knew that I had to follow along and get my shit in order. Is it easy? Heck no! Can you do it while watching TV, tending to the baby, or in between answering emails? No. Making Things Happen Goal Setting needs you to be focused front, center and honest. It has made me quite aware of what needs to be done. In order to live a life of happiness, the life you dream of you need to have a plan to get there why don’t we do it together? A goal is only a wish without a plan {tweet this!}.  Oh and check out the Making Brands Happen Webinar Series….Oh and if your budget permits check out the 2013 Making Brands Happen Webinar Series, too.

Last but certainly not least I will be announcing next week a sweet giveaway for all of you lovely readers! Trust me you are going to want to check back for this one! It’s so pretty I’m going to want it for myself! Stay tuned!


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