Citrus-Avocado Salad & Honey Lime Poppy Seed Dressing

My mouth most definitely watered when I saw this salad. Grapefruit gets such a bad wrap but it is one of my favorite fruits to add to salads or drinks.With only a mere forty one calories and with enough vitamin C to block those free radicals from getting too close you would think we would all be singing the praises of this super fruit. And if you love the pink or red version of grapefruit you are getting the added benefit of Lycopene which is said to be the anti-tumor anti-oxidant. We all know that avocado is the good fat but did you know when avocado is eaten with foods high in lycopene the absorption of  antioxidants is higher?


I came across this citrus-avocado salad with honey-lime poppy seed dressing on Plume I knew that this salad was going to become a go to summer salad favorite that is pretty easy to prepare. The tanginess of grapefruit and the creamy smooth texture of the avocado together is delightful!The bitter arugula leaves creates the perfect balance for a very happy starter salad or a light lunch. If you really want to make this salad extra special add grilled shrimp for a delightful meal! The eni

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