Mazurek with Almonds, Mascarpone Cheese & Rose Jam

Feast our eyes on one of the prettiest desserts I have ever come across! Any pastry flavored or scented with roses reminds me of my grandmother’s pastries. She was the first person that I ever knew to use the essence of rose water in her cakes and cookies. So whenever I see a simple a simple dessert or pastry that involves roses I am reminded of her. I think my grandmother would had loved this Polish dessert, Mazurek with Almonds, Mascarpone Cheese and Rose Jam

I came upon this Polish food blog and found the most beautiful pictures of all sorts of delicious looking recipes. It’s no secret that I preferred dessert over most foods but I am a sucker for a very pretty dessert and this one is simply beautiful and all its simplicity. This is a Polish pastry known to Poland but is usually made around Easter or a major holiday is usually need the chocolate and decorated with all sorts of dried fruits and nuts and seeds.

Rose and Almond Mazurek - 2

Rose and Almond Mazurek 3

Rose and Almond Mazurek

This Mazurek is made with toasted almonds, rose jam and petals and creamy Italian mascarpone cheese. Have you ever seen any thing so pretty and so deliciously perfect? This just might have to make an appearance at a At First Blush & Co. event very soon! For the recipe please visit Kwestia Smaku. The recipe is written in Polish but use Google’s translator to translate the recipe to the language of your choice! Bon appétit! p.s. Find another lovely rose recipe here! 

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