The Wedding Registry :: Urban Cheesecraft DIY Cheese Kits

Finding cool things for couples to add to their wedding registries is one of my favorite things to discover and blog about. Especially now that there are so many registry websites that let you add items from multiple merchants onto one website. This way the bride and groom can get exactly what they want from any store practically anywhere! More about registries later this week…but for now let’s check out this latest registry find.

DIY Cheese Kit via Urban Cheesecraft

For all of you cheese lovers out there who like experimenting in the kitchen this find is perfect for you! Urban Cheesecraft has made it so easy, fun  and affordable for you to make your own cheese at home with your sweetheart. The company’s catchy tagline is “DIY cheese kits and supplies for urbanites with country appetites” which really sums their product up. There are several different kinds of kits to choose from ranging in price from $10 to $50 per kit. The kit contains everything you need {along with instructions and materials} to make Mozzarella, Ricotta, Queso Blanco, Paneer, Chevre (goat cheese). Just add pasteurized milk and your homemade cheese is ready in  an hour! Yum!

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