Lovely Living № 7 :: Traditional Elegance in N. Carolina

Today’s Lovely Living pick has all the elements of a modern glamorous and perfectly appointed  home. I’ve always loved cool and calm interiors. The thought of coming home from a day filled with colors, and business to a home that the minute you enter soothes the senses is what I think of when decorating my own home. Your home should be your sanctuary…and it’s the only place that rules do not count and you can paint, alter, and enhance however you see fit.

This home is a work of peaceful art. The cool gray and linen tones, the soothing blues, dark ebony floors, and white walls might be too pale and neutral for some. However I’m sure those of you who do, can appreciate the wonderful layout of the home. I’m a sucker for windows and high ceilings the more of the outside I can see while inside the better. Each detail from the eclectic mix of lighting to the art work allows the rooms of the home to flow seamlessly into the next without shocking the eye and allowing the guest to sit and enjoy the beautiful appointments of the home. This 11,000 square foot three-level home by interior designer Linda McDougald is beyond lovely it’s almost perfection. Enjoy! xo

home interiors linda mcdougald foyer
interiors linda mcdougald high ceiling living room
linda mcdougald interiors office seating
linda mcdougald interiors art wall
linda mcdougald interiors home office
linda mcdougald interiors buffet
linda mcdougald interiors home office desk
linda mcdougald interiors office library
linda mcdougald interiors dining room
linda mcdougald interiors dining room tablescape
linda mcdougald interiors bedroom
linda mcdougald interiors ensuite bathroom
linda mcdougald interiors bathroom vanity
linda mcdougald interiors bathroom sink
linda mcdougald interiors kitchen
linda mcdougald living room view
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