Bedroom of Rustic Home via Style Files

 via Style Files

I can honestly say I am quite happy that today is the start of the weekend. This week seemed so burdensome for some reason. Introspect  and setting goals all for good reason can really give the mind a workout. I liken it to going to the gym after you have not been for months, it leaves you sore. Well my mind is sore. For the past two months I have been working on figuring what’s next for me, my business, and what truly matters. Next year’s birthday is a pretty significant one and I am gifting myself direction and clarity…in all aspects of my life. This weekend the only things on my to do list are:

1. Rest
2. Pray
3. Nourish {soul, mind, and body}
4. Repeat

I hope you  have a wonderful weekend and if you brave the shopping crowds and become a bit frustrated or vexed just remember the best gift you could ever give anyone is your love. It is priceless. Be well! XO

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