Starting Monday on a Positive Note…

Happy Monday lovelies! Did you have a great weekend? I sure hope so!  My weekend was pretty hectic but blissful. A few months ago David and I have decided to move closer to the water…much closer. Nothing too extravagant but something that felt right for us, ya know? As much time as we both spend away from home {especially Mr. G} we wanted a home that made us feel like we were on vacation when we got home and something with a lot less maintenance. So after seeing twenty homes {no joke!} prayers were heard and wishes came true…we moved into our new place this past weekend. When you are new to a city the one plus about renting is you get to try out the different neighborhoods…I’ve been trying to get David to move to two places, one of them is the area in San Diego that our new home is in. I wore him down!

Despite my broken foot and sprained ankle, all went as smooth as we hoped. David hopped on a plane on Sunday, while Jake and I got acquainted with our new surroundings. My office looks like a disaster, there are a few more boxes to be unpacked, and new furniture to be delivered but I am happy and excited about our future.

I thought I’d start of Monday with a positive note  or two in a different way with some inspiration that we can all relate to; pretty wedding inspiration! I feel that sometimes the right words can make an OK day better and gives us just what we need to forge on. I know it helps me sometimes.  Either way I love when someone tweets or post something positive and inspirational. Maybe you know someone who could use a little inspiration today? Or maybe you could…


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Stay tuned this afternoon for a beautiful wedding dress collection from an amazing designer and later this week some more stuff…the good stuff of course. Have a wonderful week, friends! I’ll be right here taking it easy and healing …Inside the Lovely! xo

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