The Naked Light Bulb

My first love, long before weddings and long before I became an adult, was décor and design. If you asked me what I was going to be, {before I realized nuns could never kiss boys} I would have told you without hesitation, an interior designer. My dream was fueled by a mother whose keen eye for décor made our home the first home I’d ever seen with a real crystal chandelier. By the age of 14 I could tell  the difference between Louis XIV’s ornate styled furniture from the more restrained style of Louis XV. You see it was inevitable…

My latest décor obsession is the naked bulb. Never did I think I’d like this look. When I think of a naked blub it reminds me of those spy movies where someone is being questioned in a room with a lone light bulb hanging overhead as they wait to be tortured. No, these are different, modern yet rustic…and clean…all at once. Surprisingly, I do like this look!

light bulb pendants decor light bulb pendants and decor.

House and Home Canada- At First Blush & Co glamorous-westernaustralia-wedding-68

Light Bulb Pendant via Design Sponge - At First Blush & Co.  image  image image 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have a home for every taste we had? What different homes would you have? I’d have a seaside cottage, a home in a certain European city {ahem}, one in the English countryside, and maybe a loft somewhere …with a few naked bulbs.

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