Those Things You Have Always Wanted To Do…

Today I’m sharing my New Year’s wish for you…because I want you to know I truly want you to have an amazing 2014! It all came to me when I read Lara Casey’s handwritten “You Know Those Things You’ve Always Wanted To Do…” print this morning. Do you have a list of  “those things you have always wanted to do” but for some reason the list is growing and nothing is getting crossed off? You are not the only one…but before you do anything you need to clean house!

I know that many of you, much like myself are looking ahead to 2014 thinking what does the new year have in store for me? What will I make happen? What goals will I finally accomplish? What are my goals? That is all fine and dandy but before you start let’s do some “cleaning”. With the blessing of a fresh clean slate there are things that cannot come with you as you make a fresh new start.

Since all of us have {I hope} experienced love I think love is the the perfect example to explain what I mean. If you desire true meaningful love of any kind you must let go of the shallow unfulfilling love that is occupying space in your heart and mind. Have you ever tried filling a dirty bucket of water with clean water? It just makes a mess! The same with mixing good with the not so good. Before long you are left with a mess and all is bad. You must empty yourself fully of the old before receiving the new. A full vessel cannot receive a fresh pouring; it must be emptied, cleaned and made ready to receive the new!

Lara Casey Shop Print

Take a look at the past 12 months. Think of the thoughts, mistakes, attitudes, beliefs, and people that you have allowed to keep you back or you have allowed to block your blessings because you held onto them. I say allow because nothing takes root unless you allow it to. Has it or have they already taken up too much of your time and energy? Time you cannot get back? Does it or do they deserve to be a part of your bright and shiny future? Do you want 2014 to be a repeat of all the things that did not work in 2013? I do not think so and I do not want that for you.

Whatever it is that you have to let go of or say goodbye to as you read this you  know exactly what or who it is and no one needs to know but you {and God if you are a believer}. Do not begin 2014 with the baggage of 2013, 2012, 2011, etc. And don’t be afraid to leave behind what you’ve become accustomed to {because you didn’t think or believed that better existed} and don’t worry about what’s going to happen to it or them when you do. That is not your concern; you are looking ahead not behind. Leave whatever or whoever it is and wish it well.

Soon enough your heart and soul will be filled with the true desires you’ve longed for by replacing that which was with that which will be. Leave the old at the curb and let God’s Grace unburden and free you so you can move ahead into the new year with open arms ready to receive what is good and rightfully yours! I pray that 2014 abounds with God’s favor, new opportunities, great love {romantic or otherwise} and beautiful new beginnings for you and the ones you cherish! Happy New Year beautiful! XO

{gold foil image courtesy of Lara Casey’s Shop}
{cover image courtesy of Kari Machal Designs }


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