Fragrant Friday :: Fiori by Vince Camuto

Fragrances are my weakness…OK another weakness. Whenever Mr. G travels to Europe on business, without me, he gets a list of perfume to buy whilst he is there. It is true that there are fragrances in the world that we in the states do not get or do not have easy access to. Fiori, the limited edition fragrance created by footwear designer Vince Camuto, will be easy for you to find state side. This fragrance is quite delicate and not in the least bit overpowering. The top note of this fragrance made with pink grapefruit and white nectarine, and the heart of the fragrance is made of freesia and iris. The base {the final note of a scent which stays longer than the top and middle notes} is a union of blue cedar and velvety sandalwood.

Fiori Vince Camuto

I prefer fragrances that last a tad bit longer than Fiori, but I do think it would make the perfect daytime scent. Especially if you work in an office because it stays close to the skin creating a soft sillage {the trail a scent leaves behind}. Many may not be able to smell it on you after a few hours but you will still be able to. The bottle is quite beautiful and will add a touch of pink prettiness to your dressing vanity. It is a lovely scent worth trying and perfect for warm days in the sun.

Tell me, what are your favorite perfumes? Do you have a favorite for day and one for night? What is your signature scent go to scent?


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