Banana Republic :: Coral Pink Mosaic Tile Necklace

Friends, I must admit the color of this necklace had my attention the minute I saw it in a little thumbnail. Then when I took a good look at I loved it even more. This Banana Republic necklace is the perfect accessory for spring and what pretty piece to add to your jewelry collection!

I would wear this with jeans, a tank and a blazer or with a dress and heels for a a business meeting. For the fashion forward bride who wants a lovely pop of  color around her neck this would do the trick. It’s chic preppy perfection! Oh and the color? Anything in pink coral I have a soft spot for. Hmmm…I wonder why? Did I hear you say “It’s one of the colors of your brand, Naomi”. Oh I didn’t notice {wink}! xo

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