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Everyone is Gatsby crazy with good reason! The costumes, the extravagance, the decadence and what I like to call a return to elegance…which is a breath of fresh air for the wedding industry. We have had shabby, rustic chic and whimsical chic…all which I am fond of. However, the elegance of the  “Jazz Age” is a far cry from those wedding trends. It is a a full about face from the purposely worn and tattered to the extravagant and brilliant.

The fashion of the that era was not restricted to flapper dresses as many believe. As costume designer Catherine Martin states in this month’s USA Vogue, “They had every silhouette of dress, from Erté long and languid the beginning of the bias cut: the rob de style..with a slim bodice and big skirt; the shift dress; the jersey dress; the shirt-maker dress- all those dresses where invented in that period…” . Many of those dress styles still exist today only modernized.

This gorgeous dress is courtesy of Gibson Bespoke, a bridal boutique on Etsy. Not only does bridal designer, Debbie Bailie-Collins, create gorgeous wedding dresses, the bridal accessories are just as amazing. Have a look…

Gibson Bespoke - Lujon


Gibson Bespoke Wedding Dress

Athena - Swarovski Crystal Headpiece

The Chrysler Cape - Gibson Bespoke

Lujon - Gibson Bespoke

For a lot more pretty, visit Gibson Bespoke on Etsy.

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