Haute Trend – Velvet Nails

We’ve all seen the haute trend called the “Caviar Manicure” in countless magazines, and blogs. Ciaté, a UK based company,  is the brand behind this nail trend that was inspired by the catwalk. American nail enthusiast went crazy trying to score the “caviar” until Sephora began carrying the brand. But oh wait there is more…Ciate is at it again!

Are You Ready for Ciates Caviar Manicure?  Its Coming to Sephora!

Charlotte Knight, Ciaté’s creative genius, latest contribution to the nail ; velvet nails. Yup…fuzzy nails? Yes, and the one good thing is you don’t have to wait for the top-coat to dry!

velvet nails manicure

 Here’s how it’s done…


What do you think? Hit or miss? Ready to try it? Hope on over to Sephora. I don’t suggest doing this on your toes…your significant other may not appreciate fuzzy toe nails. Always looking out for my lovelies! Until the next trend…

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