Comfy Cozy Kitchens

Do cozy kitchens exist? Of course they do! Any room in your home can be made warm and inviting with just the right placement and design, including the kitchen. Unused kitchen corners  can be  turned  into cozy nooks for a  place to read, enjoy your coffee, sit for a spell with a neighbor…oh yes and eat with the family, too.

Scared to commit to a built in or cannot because you are a renter. No worries! Creating a banquette is easy to do.  Find a sofa, dining table, and seating proportionate to the size of the space. Set the sofa against the wall or near a window {bay windows are great for this design idea. Now add the table, then flank with your chairs or a bench and voila you have a cozy breakfast nook!

Take a look at these for inspiration. I love this idea? Do you?


{two love seats can do the same thing if you don’t wan to commit to built ins or renting}


 kitchen nook by martha 

{these gold chairs!}

{love this idea buy a sectional, place it in the corner of your kitchen and you have a nook!}


Banquette seating is a great solution for a narrower space, as chairs don’t need to push out against a wall, and a bench can usually fit an extra diner at the table. Wall space above your dining set can still be utilized as kitchen storage, just be sure to use it for seasonal items, or things that don’t need to be accessed daily, so that you are not continuously stretching over your furniture.

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