Bridal Collection :: Pronovias Barcelona 2015

In January of this year I had the opportunity to visit a Pronovias Barcelona wedding salon for the first time and I can honestly say that the dresses and the experience were both quite amazing. If I were a bride planning a wedding at the time my wedding budget would have been seriously compromised. This design house deserves all the accolades it receives because the dresses I saw and touched were beyond gorgeous. The lace was so detailed and every dress was prettier than the last.

A few weeks ago Barcelona was the place to be. Many bridal collections that are not always presented at the popular New York Bridal Market Week were there to present their gorgeous wedding dresses for 2015. The Spanish fashion house presented at the New York Bridal Market a few months ago but it appears that they left out a few surprises for their hometown of  Barcelona. In celebration of its fiftieth anniversary the design house put on a show to present their 2015 collection that was nothing short of spectacular. Every dress seemed to be perfection. One sheer lace dress, worn by model Karolína Kurková was especially jaw dropping.

Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection - Barcelona Bridal Week 22 Pronovias Bridal Collection - Barcelona Bridal Week 29 Pronovias Barcelona Bridal Collection   27 Pronovias  Barcelona Bridal  Collection  25Pronovias  Barcelona Bridal Collection 3Pronovias  Barcelona Bridal Collection 3aPronovias  Barcelona Bridal Collection 28 Pronovias  Barcelona Bridal Collection 15 Pronovias  Barcelona Bridal Collection 21 Pronovias  Barcelona Bridal Collection 20 Pronovias  Barcelona Bridal Collection 20APronovias  Barcelona Bridal Collection 9 Pronovias - Barcelona Bridal Week 19 Pronovias - Barcelona Bridal Week 5 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection  6 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 7Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 18 Pronovias - Barcelona Bridal Week 17 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 16 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 4Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 29 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 12 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 14Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 11 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 23 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 2 Pronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 2aPronovias 2015 Bridal Collection 2b


If you are soon to be bride who dreams of wearing a dress from this design house this well curated collection of timeless yet on-trend dresses will make your final dress decision a hard one. Yes, this collection in my opinion is just that beautiful. See more beautiful 2015 bridal collections here. 

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