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Ahhh under eye concealers the most needed item in every woman’s makeup arsenal whether she thinks she needs it or not. It is a crucial step in creating the perfect canvas to create a flawless face. However, finding the right one, is not always easy. With so many brands and shades to choose from,or not if you are of a darker complexion, it can really get expensive with all the trial and error and frustration,  to say the least.

However, in the quest to help you I am going to share some of the concealers I’ve tried out that may help you narrow your decision when searching for the perfect concealer for you. Check out my tips after the gallery…

But first a few tips when looking for and using eye concealer….

  • If your dark circles still do not disappear with concealer think of investing in a corrector to neutralize the area. It will neutralize dark or red areas and prepares the eye for flesh colored concealer.  Yellow corrector is great for very dark circles and green is great for redness.
  • Keep in mind what your skin type is when picking a concealer. For example cream concealers can work for almost any skin type, stick concealers are better for dry and/or sensitive skin, liquid also works for most skin types and is great for skin that is sensitive and prone to breakouts. When shopping for concealer be sure to tell the makeup artist your skin type.
  • Concealer works best when your eye area is well hydrated. If your eye area is prone to dryness or you notice creases more after applying foundation and finishing powder, your are either using the wrong moisturizer or foundation. Buy a moisturizer created specifically for the eye area. Apply it and wait a few moments before applying corrector or concealer to that area.
  • Use a light finishing under eye powder to “set” the eye area. Make sure it is lighter than the powder you use to set the makeup on the rest of your face. Be sure to blend the powder well so you don’t end up looking like this.
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