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Many things can inspire me to create a mood board and, in this case, it was a the song titled ‘Jezebel’ by one of my favorite singers Sade. I cannot tell you exactly why the song kept playing in my head while gathering images for this scarlet-hued mood board. However, as I began collecting more images, the board started to tell a fictitious story of its own about a woman named “Jezebel”. The woman, who lives a wanton way of life, is the subject of Sade’s song.  Here is a snippet of the song titled ‘Jezebel’…

Jezebel wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth
She probably had less than every one of us
But when she knew how to walk she knew
how to bring the house down
Can’t blame her for her beauty
She wins with her hands down

wedding colors inspiration board

red curtain | cafe | woman | bike | cello | suitcase | letter | spiral staircase

Jezebel what a belle
Looks like a princess in her new dress
How did you get that?
Do you really want to know she said
It would seem she’s on her way
It’s more, more than just a dream
She put on her stockings and shoes
had nothing to lose – she said it was worth it

I imagine, as implied by the lyrics, Jezebel is a woman who isn’t afraid to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Even the questionable. Being the eternal optimist I imagine that Jezebel has decided the time has come for her to leave her scarlet past behind and start anew. Her suitcases are packed, and she has decided that her best show will be her very last show – in a town that knows to many of her secrets. Before the curtain closes, and the thunderous applause for an encore begins, Jezebel is on her way. With a personality as bold as the color red, in her twentieth year Jezebel decided it was time to make the world her stage.

Colors –  cognac, red, gold, parchment
Mood –   rich, luxe, mysterious

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