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{color theory} Wedding Colors & Culture

Color…it moves us in so many ways. It dictates or our, mood, and how we feel. We wear black when we are mourning, yellow when we are happy and white on our wedding day for purity. When it comes time to choose the colors that will surround you on our wedding day, it can be a daunting task, to say the least. The common question to ask a couple is “What are your favorite colors?” Although that is not a bad starting point, I also ask my  couples about their cultural backgrounds.

Every culture uses color to tell their story. What is so interesting is a color can have one meaning in one culture and a totally different meaning in another. Often couples want to acknowledge and pay respect to their culture in part or in whole on their wedding day. If the color palette is too bright to be used all over, think of different ways to use them on a smaller scale like your table napkins, or pick a favor that can be wrapped in colors that are indicative to your culture. If you and your partner are from two different cultures pick specific part of your wedding day that will represent each culture such as food, decor in one area, favors, paper goods, etc. The possibilities are beautifully endless. I bet there is a color story or two waiting to be told from your own cultural background. I find those stories  are usually the prettiest and most meaningful of them all…don’t you?

P.S. If you are partial to neutrals like me it’s OK! Just add pops of color here and there within the decor of your wedding…just as you would if you were accessorizing a neutral outfit that needed a little pizzazz!

 seafoam. permisson, sienna, peach, and apricotseafoam. permisson, sienna, peach, and apricot

cardinal, cerulean, cherry, and turquoisecardinal, cerulean, cherry, and turquoise

grape, plum, peony, white, and goldgrape, plum, peony, white, and gold

violet, indigo, peacock, turquoise, pewter, and eggplant

violet, indigo, peacock, turquoise, pewter, and eggplant

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  • LenaMarch 6, 2013 - 10:31 AM

    What an amazing way to think about color–and honor your heritage on your big day!ReplyCancel

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