My Downton Abbey Obsession

As everyone else in the world,  I have been hearing about the PBS Masterpiece called Downton Abbey since it aired. Never once had I given it much thought…until last week.

When I gave up my Netflix membership year ago, I would periodically receive “Come Back” emails much like a letter an ex suitor would send you promising to be better than before…and similar to a few times with exes in my past, Netflix wore me out and I gave them another chance. All the while wondering when I will ever have time to enjoy my membership since my schedule is even busier than it was before.

Last week I had one of my infamous bouts of insomnia. I was not in the mood to read, so I propped my iPad up on my nightstand and plugged in my headset so as not to wake the sleeping giant beside me. Not expecting much but a few characters with various English accents, I pressed play…all I can say is why have I deprived myself of this deliciously engrossing series and why was I not informed how incredibly  addictive this Downton Abbey series can be? In seven days I watched seasons one, two, and parts of three, enough to be caught up and ready for this Sunday’s episode on PBS. I am not much of a television watcher but that is how good Downton Abbey is.

Intrigue, scandal, broken promises, incarceration, tear inducing heartbreak, loss of fortune, and an amazing cast of characters under one stately roof makes this story-line undeniably good. I cannot wait until Sunday at 9:00 pm to find out what the Crawley’s and their staff get into this week. Trust me, if you have yet to see it…I promise you, you will not be disappointed. It makes me miss England even that much more. Happiest of weekends to you my lovelies! Here is a little pretty Downton Abbey inspiration…

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